295. Water, Water Every Hare – Chuck Jones


SUMMARY: Bug Bunny is once again pitted against a mad scientist and his creation in this sequel to ‘Hair Raising Hare’

WHY IT’S HERE: Chuck Jones’s ‘Water, Water Every Hare’ is significantly better than its truly dreadful title. Pitting Bugs against a bulbously headed green faced scientist and his furry orange, sneaker wearing monster (later dubbed Gossamer but here referred to as Rudolph), ‘Water, Water Every Hare’ features some breathtaking visuals in the opening minutes. His home beset by flooding, an oblivious, soundly-sleeping Bugs is washed away on his mattress. This sequence is glorious to behold with its flowing water and cascading waterfall. Ultimately, this watery subplot plays only a small part in the cartoon, making the dreadful title even more unforgivable. Most of the action takes place inside the castle. The most famous sequence is the hairdressing scene in which Bugs assumes the role of a camp beautician spouting a monologue about all the “inter-resting” monsters he’s met (this is actually a rehash of a similar routine in the previous Gossamer cartoon ‘Hair-Raising Hare’). Far more memorable, however, is the climactic chase scene in which Bugs and the green faced scientist are both under the influence of ether and bound across the screen in slow motion. It’s an appropriately striking climax to a particularly handsome and dreamlike cartoon which proves to be inventive and entertaining in equal measures. A lesser talked-about classic, no less.


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