282. Wonder Gloves – Robert Cannon


SUMMARY: George tells his nephew Johnny about how a pair of ‘wonder gloves’ transformed him from a janitor to a champion prizefighter.

WHY IT’S HERE: Robert Cannon’s ‘Wonder Gloves’ is one of the great underrated shorts in the UPA canon. Beautifully rendered in bright colours and thick black lines, ‘Wonder Gloves’ opens with a man finding his nephew playing with a pair of boxing gloves he’s discovered in a trunk. He warns his sceptical nephew that the gloves are ‘dynamite’ and that they made him a prizefighting champion. As he begins to narrate his story, the narration immediately drops out and we are treated to a balletic pantomime of the tale in which not a word is spoken. It’s typical of the unusual approach taken by UPA to each and every short and it works fantastically.


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