272. Drip Along Daffy – Chuck Jones


SUMMARY: A Western parody pitting Daffy Duck, the cowboy hero, against villain Nasty Canasta.

WHY IT’S HERE:Of all Chuck Jones’s brilliant genre spoofs featuring Porky Pig and Daffy Duck, ‘Drip Along Daffy’ is one of the best loved and is only dwarfed by the classic duo of ‘Robin Hood Daffy’ and ‘Duck Dodgers in the 24th ½ Century’. A hilarious parody of Westerns, ‘Drip Along Daffy’ finds Daffy all too willingly taking on the role of cowboy hero. A bewhiskered Porky, we are informed by a caption, is the comedy relief. This proves to be somewhat of a misnomer as it is in fact Daffy who provides the majority of the laughs as his heroic posturing is quickly diminished by his trademark buffoonery and a frightening encounter with villain Nasty Canasta. Despite some impeccably timed physical comedy, the biggest laughs in ‘Drip Along Daffy’ come from the verbal gags, a particularly on form Mel Blanc nailing every line with hysterically accurate observation. I find myself particularly floored every time by Daffy’s disbelieving “You wouldn’t dare”, as he witnesses Nasty Canasta’s horrifyingly toxic drink being mixed. ‘Drip Along Daffy’ is another typically classy Jones film which shows exactly why he’s such a treasured director. Porky’s final line is the icing on the cake.


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