265. Morris the Midget Moose – Jack Hannah, Charles A, Nichols


SUMMARY: Morris is a moose who just cannot seem to grow but he has normal sized antlers. When he meets a normal sized moose with tiny antlers, the pair quickly learn that two heads are better than one.

WHY IT’S HERE: ‘Morris the Midget Moose’ is the sort of effortlessly charming one-shot short that the Disney studio seemed to be able to do in their sleep at this stage. Telling the story of a pair of freak moose who challenge the head moose Thunderclap together, ‘Morris the Midget Moose’ tells its story quickly but crams such cinematic expertise into 8 minutes that it feels like a much more expansive tale. Like ‘Lambert the Sheepish Lion’, a cartoon that makes a natural pairing with this one, ‘Morris the Midget Moose’ plays out like a lovely children’s book brought to life.


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