263. Homeless Hare – Chuck Jones


SUMMARY: Bugs Bunny finds his home at threat by a building site and its bullying construction worker.

WHY IT’S HERE:Chuck Jones’s ‘Homeless Hare’ is a fantastic example of a simple premise made brilliant by great writing and genius direction. Pitting Bugs Bunny against a bullying construction worker, ‘Homeless Hare’ takes place on the oft-used setting of the building site but there’s nothing hackneyed about these antics. Jones infuses Bugs’s heckling with exceptional timing, increasing the hilarity of the gags significantly. “Hercules” the construction worker is a great foil for Bugs and there’s also a diminutive assistant who steals every scene he’s in with his deadpan performance. While Jones will always be best remembered for his more inventive shorts, he always also had a knack for infusing the traditional heckling and chase cartoons with a new energy and inventiveness. ‘Homeless Hare’ is an excellent example of this. Jones takes what could have been very standard fare in the hands of another director and manages to fashion a mini-classic.


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