248. Rebel Rabbit – Robert McKimson


SUMMARY: In an effort to prove his worth, Bugs Bunny sets off on a country-wide spree of illegal activity.

WHY IT’S HERE:Robert McKimson’s ‘Rebel Rabbit’ is an extremely original cartoon that casts Bugs Bunny as an egotistical anarchist to terrifying effect. Outraged that the bounty for hunted rabbits is only two cents each, Bugs visits Washington and demands it be raised. When his request is refused, he sets about proving that rabbit’s are more dangerous than people think by causing chaos up and down the country until the bounty on his head reaches a million dollars. ‘Rebel Rabbit’ is one of McKimson’s finest cartoons. Beginning with a novel premise, McKimson takes his time by having Bugs deal with all the administrative side of things first. When this approach fails, the cartoon goes crazy as Bugs lets himself off the leash. From hereon in, all bets are off as Bugs commits senseless acts of assault, vandalism and general indecency. McKimson heightens the anything-can-happen atmosphere by interspersing the animated antics with live action footage. Bugs’s nationwide rampage is a thrill to behold and the unexpected result makes for a very satisfying climax. All in all, ‘Rebel Rabbit’ is a fascinating and fun character experiment that comes highly recommended.


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