247. Daffy Duck Hunt – Robert McKimson


SUMMARY: Double-crossed after nobly helping out a hunting dog, Daffy Duck attempts to escape from his captor’s kitchen.

WHY IT’S HERE:Starting out as a variation on Daffy Duck’s debut cartoon, ‘Porky’s Duck Hunt’, Robert McKimson’s ‘Daffy Duck Hunt’ quickly develops into something quite different. McKimson’s Barnyard Dog character from the Foghorn Leghorn cartoons plays the role of Porky’s hunting dog who tricks Daffy into surrendering on the understanding that he’ll let him go when they get home. This plot development is almost immediate, meaning the majority of the cartoon is unexpectedly set in Porky’s kitchen. A late example of the crazy version of Daffy at work, ‘Daffy Duck Hunt’ is one of McKimson’s greatest cartoons. Daffy is on top form, making up for his early duping with some inspired zaniness which invariably lands the dog in trouble with his master. McKimson overcomes the possibility of a cartoon set in a kitchen becoming dull by virtue of some extremely lively animation to compliment Warren Foster’s brilliant script. All in all, ‘Daffy Duck Hunt’ is a thoroughly unexpected classic full of brilliant moments and an especially energetic Daffy performance.


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