230.Rabbit Punch – Chuck Jones


SUMMARY: Bugs Bunny finds himself pitted against The Champ in a boxing match.

WHY IT’S HERE: Chuck Jones’s ‘Rabbit Punch’ is a great cartoon in which Bugs is drawn into a boxing match with The Champ (later redubbed The Crusher in the far inferior wrestling-based sequel ‘Bunny Hugged’) and ends up going 110 rounds with him, each round escalating in its levels of violence until finally Bugs finds himself tied to a train track! A fast paced, beautifully orchestrated cartoon which eventually turns into a series of unusual spot-gags, ‘Rabbit Punch’ is full of great sequences, the best being Bugs’s grease-assisted ice skating routine which is abruptly ended by a glove to the head. There’s also a famous ending in which Bugs admits psychical defeat by resorting to tampering with the very cartoon itself. Unlike the lifeless follow-up ‘Bunny Hugged’, ‘Rabbit Punch’ is filled with invention and moves along at a fast lick, making it an enormously enjoyable short.


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