228. Daffy Duck Slept Here – Robert McKimson


SUMMARY: A tired Porky Pig checks into a hotel for the night, unaware he will have to share his space with the annoying Daffy Duck.

WHY IT’S HERE:Robert McKimson’s ‘Daffy Duck Slept Here’ is one of the director’s flat out funniest cartoons. Opening with some good sight gags as Porky Pig tries in vain to find a room for the night, the short really gets hilarious the moment the ever brilliant Daffy Duck appears. Forced to share a room with the roommate from hell, Porky tries everything to ignore the crazy duck to no avail. Beginning with a surreal conversation about a six foot, invisible kangaroo that parodies ‘Harvey’, ‘Daffy Duck Slept Here’ goes on to squeeze every last laugh out of two characters sharing a bed. The light is constantly switched on and off as Daffy finds more and more ways to prevent Porky from getting his good night’s sleep. When the pig finally snaps and throws Daffy out of a 30th floor window, it leads to one of the strangest and funniest climaxes McKimson ever put on film. Daffy’s closing line is one of my all time favourites. While ‘Daffy Duck Slept Here’ is well directed and performed by all involved, the real star is Warren Foster’s highly original script which confounds expectations at every turn. Cartoon clichés are nowhere to be found here, replaced by witty, oddball dialogues and unusual plot twists. All in all, ‘Daffy Duck Slept Here’ is one of the strongest films McKimson ever directed.


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