225. Dough Ray Me-ow – Arthur Davis


SUMMARY: Louie the Parrot learns that he stands to inherit a large sum of money in the event of his ‘friend’ Heathcliff the Cat’s death. He sets about trying to bump him off but, unfortunately, Heathcliff is moronic to the point of invincibility.

WHY IT’S HERE:Arthur Davis’s ‘Dough Ray Me-ow’ is an absolutely hysterical cartoon and easily my favourite of the director’s films. Starring two boldly drawn one-shot characters, a grumpy green parrot named Louie and an ugly and ludicrously moronic cat named Heathcliff, ‘Dough Ray Me-ow’ quickly sets up its dark scenario leaving ample time to have tons of fun with it. When Louie discovers that Heathcliff stands to inherit a large sum of money which will go to Louie in the event of the cat’s disappearance, the parrot sets about trying to dispense with his “friend” permanently. It’s an idea filled with potential which becomes even funnier when Louie realises to his horror that Heathcliff isn’t only startlingly stupid, he is also practically indestructible! ‘Dough Ray Me-ow’ is slightly cheap looking with a style that’s akin to TV animation but it fits the feel of the cartoon beautifully, the more stylised character designs reflecting the bigger exaggerations of their personalities. There are loads of great bits but my favourite is the train sequence, the final battle over a stick of dynamite and a series of throwaway gags involving Heathcliff’s novel methods for cracking nuts. One of the great one-shot cartoons, ‘Dough Ray Me-ow’ starred characters who were perhaps too extreme to ever be considered as potential stars but their one appearance still delights me and makes me laugh out loud to this day.


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