217. Tubby the Tuba – George Pal


SUMMARY: A tuba who is tired of playing the bass line is ridiculed by the other instruments for wanting to play a solo. But when a frog teaches him a melody, the tuba gets his wish.

WHY IT’S HERE: For the most part I have admired the work of George Pal more than I have enjoyed it. His famed Puppetoons were regular Oscar nominees but, while the animation and the puppets themselves are great, I’ve often found the storytelling sluggish and unengaging. But this is far from the case with the absolutely lovely ‘Tubby the Tuba’, Pal’s masterpiece. Based on the song by Paul Tripp and George Kleinsinger about a tuba who finds his voice, this musical short is a beautifully adapted charmer with a strong message and a great set of musical instrument characters. The short stood out from the pack of Oscar nominees for its year but unfortunately lost to the far less imaginative ‘Tweetie Pie’.


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