210. Daffy Doodles – Robert McKimson


SUMMARY: Daffy Duck is the notorious Moustache Fiend, a vandal who graffiti’s Hollywood star’s images with moustaches. Policeman Porky Pig sets his sights on capturing this crazed criminal.

WHY IT’S HERE: With ‘Daffy Doodles’, animator Robert McKimson began his theatrical directing career (he’d previously directed one cartoon for the Navy) in style. McKimson’s cartoons are often seen as workmanlike compared with those of his contemporaries but his filmography is actually bulging with classics. He may not have shown quite the same relentless ambition as Chuck Jones or displayed the same unrestrained dedication to anarchy as Bob Clampett but McKimson at his best had an eye for timing and skill for pacing that more than justifies his being mentioned alongside those names. ‘Daffy Doodles’ is an auspicious debut, full of fast paced action and great gags, as well as a gallery of famous Hollywood faces being mercilessly defaced.


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