206. Solid Serenade – William Hanna, Joseph Barbera


SUMMARY: Tom’s attempts to serenade Toodles are interrupted by the presence of bulldog Spike and by Jerry’s attempts to get a good night’s sleep.

WHY IT’S HERE: Having proved a successful distraction in the wonderful ‘Springtime for Thomas’, Toodles the female cat was brought back again in ‘Solid Serenade’, a brilliant cartoon with a great night-time setting as Tom attempts to woo his love, much to the chagrin of Spike and Jerry. As in ‘Springtime for Thomas’, Tom’s initial interests lie elsewhere and it is only when Jerry gets involved that the age-old chase begins. Fantastically inventive as usual, ‘Solid Serenade’ spices up the formula with musical interludes as Tom (whom Hanna and Barbera had previously experimented with giving a voice) actually sings a lively rendition of Louis Jordan’s ‘Is You Is or Is You Ain’t My Baby’.


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