205. Springtime for Thomas -William Hanna, Joseph Barbera


SUMMARY: On a beautiful spring day, Tom falls in love with a female cat named Toodles. Jealous that he is now not receiving any attention, Jerry sets about breaking up the budding romance.

WHY IT’S HERE: ‘Springtime for Thomas’ is one of my favourite Tom and Jerry cartoons, largely for the lush springtime atmosphere that the cartoon effortlessly evokes. The setting of a lazy spring day in the garden is as perfectly captured as the more often exploited Christmas backdrop and is an uplifting stage on which to play out this hilarious short. The twist here is that Jerry is not Tom’s main foe, or at least not to Tom’s knowledge. Instead he acts as an unseen Agent Provocateur, inciting a rivalry between Tom and alley cat Butch, for the affection of Toodles. The result is an hysterically vicious cat fight involving sun loungers, croquet mallets and swimming pools


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