202. Hair-Raising Hare – Chuck Jones


SUMMARY: Bugs Bunny takes on a mad scientist and his monsterous creation.

WHY IT’S HERE:Chuck Jones’s ‘Hair-Raising Hare’ pits Bugs Bunny against a genuinely disturbing Peter Lorre scientist caricature and his huge orange monster. The monster (later named Gossamer and also featured in Jones’ luscious sequel to this short, ‘Water, Water Every Hare’ under the name Rudolph) is an extremely memorable villain who, despite his size, never poses much real threat to Bugs once he turns on his heckling. Although it is not as visually luscious as ‘Water, Water Every Hare’, Tedd Pierce has turned in a great script which includes some viciously amusing eye-poking, a priceless scene involving a suit of armour and the best “What’s up, Doc” joke you’ll ever hear. Bugs’ wisecracks are top drawer (“Don’t go up there, it’s dark”) and the high energy level is kept up throughout. It’s also the only cartoon in which you’ll get to hear Gossamer speak. All in all, then, ‘Hair-Raising Hare’ is a blast and makes a cracking double bill with its less gag-driven sequel.


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