195. Hare Tonic – Chuck Jones

SUMMARY: Bugs Bunny convinces Elmer Fudd that he had contracted the dreaded Rabbititus.

WHY IT’S HERE:Chuck Jones’s ‘Hare Tonic’ is a brilliant but little known cartoon. Deliciously sick, ‘Hare Tonic’ involves Bugs Bunny convincing the hapless Elmer Fudd that he has caught the dreaded Rabbititus! Taking place almost entirely in Elmer’s suburban home, ‘Hare Tonic’s’ success is entirely down to Bugs’s inspired heckling. He is never in any real danger (he forfeits an easy escape early on in the cartoon in order to have some fun torturing Elmer) and is therefore free to carry his devilish bluff to the extreme, convincing Elmer that he is trapped quarantined with an infectious rabbit. In contrast with cartoons in which Bugs heckles his opponent in a variety of different ways, ‘Hare Tonic’ simply extends one routine across the whole seven minutes and it works fantastically, right up to the great fourth-wall breaking climax. While it doesn’t quite weigh in with Jones’s all time classics (and bear in mind the level of quality that involves), ‘Hare Tonic’ is still a lesser known piece of sheer brilliance that I would recommend to anyone.


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