193. Hare Conditioned – Chuck Jones


SUMMARY: Bugs Bunny is pursued through a large apartment store by a persistent manager bent on having him stuffed.

WHY IT’S HERE: Chuck Jones’s ‘Hare Conditioned’ is a fast paced, often hilarious cartoon. Pitting Bugs Bunny against a strange, yellow-skinned apartment store manager who wants to have him stuffed, ‘Hare Conditioned’ takes full advantage of its multi-purpose setting. The chase takes Bugs and his pursuer through a variety of departments, leading to an inspired gag in which they quickly emerge from various departments wearing whatever clothes are associated with that part of the store. This great gag is trumped, however, by a truly inspired sequence involving elevators in which Bugs, disguised as an elevator boy, tricks the store manager into relentlessly getting on or off elevators at the wrong time. It’s a brilliant climactic set piece which unfortunately gives way to a not very funny final gag. By that time, however, ‘Hare Conditioned’ has made its mark as one of the great chase films, bursting with wild energy. As Bugs was becoming more refined in some of the other cartoons from this period, ‘Hare Conditioned’ showed that he could still be just as appealing as a more anarchic character.


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