192. The Shooting of Dan McGoo – Tex Avery


SUMMARY: In a take-off of Robert Service’s poem ‘The Shooting of Dan McGrew’, Droopy stars as Dan McGoo, a hangdog stranger in a saloon full of hard-drinking rogues, into which a wolf comes, intent on stealing Dan’s girl.

WHY IT’S HERE: In 1939 Tex Avery directed a Merrie Melody for Warner Bros. entitled ‘Dangerous Dan McFoo’, a gag-filled parody of Robert Service’s poem ‘The Shooting of Dan McGrew. Six years and one change of studio later, Avery remade the film and improved upon it immensely, creating another classic amongst his barrage of great MGM films. ‘The Shooting of Dan McGoo’ nominally stars Droopy, although he remains a quiet observer for much of the film. The gags come thick and fast, with typical moments of off-colour humour (the opening noose gag being a highlight) and racy sexual material. Avery’s female character Red, some memorable in the legendary ‘Red Hot Riding Hood’, appears in the role of Lou, again inspiring wild takes from Avery’s wolf. Coming on like an animated version of the classic James Stewart western ‘Destry Rides Again’, ‘The Shooting of Dan McGoo’ is a joy to watch and further testament to Avery’s place as one of animation’s greatest exponents.


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