182. Duck Soup to Nuts – Friz Freleng


SUMMARY: Daffy Duck heckles hunter Porky Pig.

WHY IT’S HERE: Friz Freleng’s ‘Duck Soup to Nuts’ is one of the great Daffy-terrorizes-Porky cartoons. The quality of these simple scenario shorts depend entirely on the quality of the antagonist’s heckling and in ‘Duck Soup to Nuts’ it is top notch. Tedd Pierce’s script is hilarious giving Daffy plenty of inventive pranks and bits. Unlike Robert McKimson’s weak take on this premise in ‘Boobs in the Wood’, ‘Duck Soup to Nuts’ is beautifully animated (just watch Daffy’s impression of a fish) and extremely funny. Energetic and witty, the laughs keep on coming throughout, right up to the climax in which Daffy says goodbye to his hysterically named “children”. There’s not much to say about ‘Duck Soup to Nuts’ really, other than it demands to be seen. It’s a basic, bare-bones scenario done 100% right and while it might not have the inventiveness to set it apart as a true classic, it sure makes for a rib-ticklingly entertaining seven minutes.


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