172. Buckaroo Bugs – Bob Clampett


SUMMARY: A dim-witted cowboy called Red Hot Ryder takes on The Masked Marauder, a notorious carrot thief.

WHY IT’S HERE: After casting Bugs as the victim in ‘Falling Hare’, Bob Clampett continued to experiment with the character by making him the antagonist in ‘Buckaroo Bugs’, something which the studio was increasingly shying away from after Bugs’ initial cruelly anarchic heckling was toned down to make him a more likable character. Here he is the villain of sorts, a ruthless carrot thief for whom the dopey Red Hot Ryder proves no match whatsoever. ‘Buckaroo Bugs’ is a typically lively and sometime grotesque Clampett cartoon which made fine use of a Western setting, paving the way for the arrival of a more formidable foe for Bugs, Yosemite Sam, who appeared the following year.


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