153. The Lonesome Mouse – William Hanna, Joseph Barbera


SUMMARY: When Jerry gets Tom ejected from the house, he enjoys a life free of his arch enemy… for a while. But when he realises it’s no fun without Tom around, the two concoct a plot to get him reinstated as chief mouser.

WHY IT’S HERE: By the time of ‘The Lonesome Mouse’ the Tom and Jerry formula was sufficiently established that it could be subverted and derive laughs from an audience familiar with the duo’s warring ways based on an unexpected truce. The majority of ‘The Lonesome Mouse’ is made up of a great extended sequence in which the pair stage an elaborate battle for the benefit of Mammy Two-Shoes, who is convinced that Tom is saving her from the threat of a mouse. ‘The Lonesome Mouse’ is also notable for experimenting with dialogue for the duo. In their first speaking roles, Tom and Jerry occasionally break off from their usual silent antics to make little comments. It’s not prominent enough to be distracting but I’m glad this never lead to any more extensive speaking parts for the cat and mouse, who were always most effective when they kept their mouths shut (apart from those great, ear-splitting yells!).


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