132. Billion Dollar Limited – Dave Fleischer


SUMMARY: Superman takes on a gang of armed robbers attempting to steal a billion dollars being transported by train to the US mint.

WHY IT’S HERE: The Fleischer Superman series is a magnificent achievement and never less than rip-roaringly entertaining but ultimately it is also quite repetitive. Each short film is a short set-up followed by a seven or eight minute burst of action as Superman turns up to take on whatever villain we’ve been introduced to this time. For this reason, although they come highly recommended, I’ve opted to only include the first three cartoons of the series on this list. I chose ‘Billion Dollar Limited’ as the cut off point because, for me, it is the pick of the bunch. Although Superman is, by its very nature, a fantastical franchise, I always enjoyed his adventures when they were more grounded in reality, combining the everyday with the out-of-this-world might of the central hero himself. Although the transportation of a billion dollars in gold hardly qualifies as ‘everyday’, there’s something far more exciting about watching Superman foiling a straightforward robbery attempt as opposed to battling robots and monsters. ‘Billion Dollar Limited’ handles this brilliantly and emerges as an exceptional action-adventure crammed into under ten minutes.


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