129. The Art of Skiing -Jack Kinney

Art of Skiing 4

SUMMARY: Accompanied by a narrator’s instructions, Goofy attempts to learn the art of skiing.

WHY IT’S HERE: With ‘The Art of Skiing’, Disney took a step closer to the ‘How To…’ series that would largely occupy Goofy for several years to come. The instructional style is already in place, with the narrator’s dry comments throughout, but here Goofy is still very much the character he’d always been. While the subsequent changes to Goofy made for some hilarious cartoons, there’s something warm and appealing about seeing the old Goofy appear in this fresh format. Although the style is shifting towards spot-gags, the laughs are still largely character-based in ‘The Art of Skiing’. This makes it feel like a transitional film and Goofy would make one more ‘The Art of…’ short before the titles switched to ‘How to…’ In that second ‘The Art of…’ film, ‘The Art of Self Defence’, Disney took the unusual decision of having two Goofy’s fight each other. This sequence spawned a new trend which would see Goofy become the most ubiquitous cartoon character on the silver screen, often in the space of one cartoon!


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