119. Goofy’s Glider – Jack Kinney


SUMMARY: Accompanied by the comments of a narrator, Goofy attempts to get his homemade glider off the ground.

WHY IT’S HERE: Having successfully spun-off Donald Duck into his own series of cartoons, Disney were surprisingly cautious about doing the same with Goofy. When he finally got his own cartoon, ‘Goofy and Wilbur’, he had to share top-billing with a grasshopper character that never took off. It was only with ‘Goofy’s Glider’ that Disney finally gave him his first entirely solo starring role and it proved to be a cartoon that would shape the unusual path Goofy’s subsequent career would take. Unofficially, this is the first in a spoof instructional series of cartoons that would see Goofy struggle with an activity alongside a running commentary by a narrator. This formula quickly evolved into the celebrated ‘How To…’ series but there are several differences, most notably the fact that here Goofy is still recognisably the same happy-go-unlucky character from all those great shorts with Mickey and Donald. He also chatters away a lot here (perhaps too much, as there are some bafflingly shoddy moments when his voice can be heard even though his mouth isn’t moving). Very soon Goofy would lose both his voice and his rigidly defined character and prove himself to be one of the studio’s most versatile players.


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