102. Daffy Duck and Egghead – Tex Avery

Screen Shot 2012-08-12 at 14_25_18

SUMMARY: The crazy Daffy Duck makes life hard for Egghead, the hunter who is stalking him.

WHY IT’S HERE: Tex Avery’s ‘Daffy Duck and Egghead’ was the second cartoon ever to feature Daffy Duck and his first appearance in colour. Opening with an inventively surreal shot in which the two characters are established as literally nuts, the cartoon then segues (via a very funny caption) into a sumptuous scenic shot which sets the standard for the film’s handsome look. An extension on Daffy’s first appearance, ‘Porky’s Duck Hunt’, ‘Daffy Duck and Egghead’ keeps the hunting scenario but significantly extends the duck’s role, giving him top billing and throwing the spotlight on him as the undoubted star. Avery’s masterstroke here is to remove the straight man from the picture. Whereas Porky had been the straight man in Daffy’s previous picture, Egghead is a nuttier character and by cartoon’s end he is leaping and whooping like Daffy. The gags are all exceptionally original and very funny and the obligatory musical number, often the weakest element in these early Merrie Melodies, is actually a highlight. Daffy performs the iconic Looney Tunes theme ‘The Merry-go-round Broke Down’ with enormous gusto and it’s so entertaining that his reflection emerges from the water to congratulate him at the song’s end! ‘Daffy Duck and Egghead’ is classic Avery and a must see for any lover of animation. It looks gorgeous, it will make you laugh out loud and even sing along and it played a significant part in elevating the greatest ever cartoon character (in my opinion) to superstar status.


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