100. Porky’s Party – Bob Clampett


SUMMARY: Porky Pig throws a birthday party for his friends, a goofy goose and a greedy penguin.

WHY IT’S HERE: Bob Clampett’s ‘Porky’s Party’ is a classic piece of inspired lunacy which was one of the director’s earliest cartoons. Based on the innocent premise of Porky Pig having a party for his birthday, ‘Porky’s Party’ goes off the rails the moment the guests arrive. As was often the case in these early cartoons, Porky is given star billing but does very little compared to the bonkers antics of a drunken dog, a goofy goose and a gluttonous penguin. Essentially plotless, ‘Porky’s Party’ relies on great set pieces and the wild energy that is so unmistakably Clampett. There’s a really strange and inspired bit in which the penguin tries to rid himself of a top hat that keeps popping up inside his body! The whole thing culminates in a wild chase and a hilarious climax in which Clampett stuffs tons of gags into literally a couple of seconds. An unforgettable cartoon that helped push forward the increasingly loony agenda of the Warner studio, ‘Porky’s Party’ is one of the greatest of the early Porky Pig shorts and a personal favourite of my own which deserves a wider audience.


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