82. Three Little Wolves – David Hand


SUMMARY: The Big Bad Wolf teaches his three sons how to go about catching pigs.

WHY IT’S HERE: This second sequel to ‘Three Little Pigs’ continues the high quality associated with the series, even if the original remains the only widely recognised classic. Having expanded on the story by introducing Red Riding Hood in first sequel ‘The Big Bad Wolf’, Disney pull off the same trick by integrating elements of ‘Little Bo Peep’ and ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf’ into the story. As the title suggests, this film also introduces three new characters in the Wolf’s three cute but just as bloodthirsty sons. The scenes in which the two lazy pigs are trapped in the Wolf’s lair and the young wolves chase them with cleavers and try and pull them apart with their bare hands is genuinely scary, but perhaps not quite as scary as the fact that the two pigs STILL haven’t learned their lesson and are still relying on their brother to save them. Frankly by this stage they are unforgivably stupid and one almost wishes the Wolf would finally get them, especially now he has a young family to feed!

Just as the original ‘Three Little Pigs’ has been seen as a metaphor for the Depression (or the ‘wolf at the door’), so ‘Three Little Wolves’ has been seen as a metaphor for the threat of European fascism, with the Wolf as a stand-in for Hitler. This would seem to be reinforced by the opening scene in which the Wolf sings in German to his offspring, outlining the numerous cuts of meat that can be obtained from a pig. He is eventually defeated by the technological superiority of the hard-working, overalled American, the Practical Pig, and his Wolf Pacifier machine.


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