80. Thru the Mirror – David Hand


SUMMARY: Mickey Mouse falls asleep while reading Lewis Carroll and dreams that he himself has an adventure through the looking glass.

WHY IT’S HERE: While Mickey Mouse was increasingly being paired with his ever popular co-stars, some of the best Mickey cartoons were his more experimental solo efforts, of which ‘Thru the Mirror’ is a notably beautiful example. The plot is familiar (see ‘Betty in Blunderland’) but merely an excuse for some gorgeous visuals as Mickey gently pokes his way through a fluid mirror and then performs a Fred Astaire style routine with a pack of cards. Disney was very keen on the works of Carroll and planned to make his film version of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ many years before he actually managed it. In the meantime, he arguably captured the spirit of Carroll more accurately in these eight minutes than he did across a whole feature film.


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