71. Mickey’s Garden – Wilfred Jackson


SUMMARY: While trying to ward off bugs from his garden, Mickey accidentally gets a dose of bug spray himself and hallucinates that he has become tiny, meaning that he must now face the wrath of the bugs that were once at his mercy.

WHY IT’S HERE: Having joined the Silly Symphonies in the world of colour, the Mickey series began to get more ambitious too. ‘Mickey’s Garden’ is an extremely unusual entry into the series, in which Mickey’s nightmarish hallucinations of being smaller than a group of vengeful bugs form the backbone of the narrative. Like ‘Flowers and Trees’, the first colour Disney short, it’s hard to imagine ‘Mickey’s Garden’ having worked in black and white, since its lush colours are so pivotal to its appeal. But despite the attractive greenery, Mickey’s adventures here are far from idyllic and some of the monstrous bugs he encounters are truly frightening. This wasn’t Mickey’s first hallucinatory caper and it wouldn’t be his last but ‘Mickey’s Garden’ shows what a boon the addition of colour would be to the mouse’s cartoons.


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