70. Mickey’s Fire Brigade – Ben Sharpsteen


SUMMARY: Mickey, Donald and Goofy, in their jobs as firemen, attempt to put out a raging inferno and rescue a reluctant Clarabelle Cow.

WHY IT’S HERE: Having hit upon the winning idea of teaming up Mickey, Donald and Goofy in a series of shorts, Disney quickly perfected the formula with this fantastic cartoon. Their Service Station business presumably having fallen through, this cartoon features the trio as firemen and director Ben Sharpsteen gets a terrific amount of mileage out of the idea, exploiting the character’s various traits (Mickey’s persistent determination, Donald’s explosive frustration, Goofy’s good-natured clumsiness) in a series of solo skits before bringing the team together for the finale. There’s some cracking images here, such as Mickey’s battle with a fire hose, Donald’s novel use of a Fire bucket and Goofy’s run-in with a folding table. From such a simple premise, Sharpsteen milks every last drop of imagination to create a wonderful, underrated short.


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