62.Mickey’s Service Station – Ben Sharpsteen


SUMMARY: In the first of their films as a comedy trio, Mickey, Donald and Goofy run a service station and attempt to fix a tuneful squeak in Pete’s car, a task for which he gives them ten minutes… or else!

WHY IT’S HERE: ‘Mickey’s Service Station’ marked both an ending and a beginning for the mouse. Along with ‘Mickey’s Kangaroo’ it was the last of the Mickey shorts to be made in black and white. But it was also the first in a very successful series of shorts that teamed Mickey, Donald and Goofy as a comedy trio, usually putting them in the context of a different profession each time. In this first cartoon they run a service station and are given ten minutes by abusive customer Pete to fix his car. Director Ben Sharpsteen immediately sets up the series’ structure by having each of the three stars struggle with a different problem in their own individual comedy routine, the action flitting from one to the other. The tonal style is there from the beginning too, with excessive, hilarious destruction being the major thrust of the comedy. It’s an auspicious start to a series that would go from strength to strength.


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