60. The Big Bad Wolf – Burt Gillett


SUMMARY: A sequel to ‘Three Little Pigs’, in which Little Red Riding Hood is advised by the two irresponsible pigs that the Big Bad Wolf is nothing to worry about and it is left to the Practical Pig to save the day once more.

WHY IT’S HERE: When cinema owners who made a packet off the back of Disney’s classic Silly Symphony ‘Three Little Pigs’ asked for more of the same, Walt Disney memorably claimed ‘You can’t top pigs with pigs’. Nevertheless, a year later the first of a handful of sequels emerged in the shape of ‘The Big Bad Wolf’. While Walt was, of course, right that no sequel could top the impact of the original, ‘The Big Bad Wolf’ is still an excellent cartoon which gets more mileage out of the pigs by making them characters in the ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ story. As the title suggests, the pig characters are slightly marginalised here as the Wolf takes the spotlight but the blending of the two stories works brilliantly and another bright, lively, well-told cartoon emerges. Perhaps the only quibble with bringing these characters back is the undermining of the original fable. In order for the audience to recognise them, the pigs retain their characteristics from the first film, which means we find the Practical Pig reinforcing his house with more building work while the other two caper and reprise ‘Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf’, apparently having learned nothing whatsoever in the first film. The Practical Pig doesn’t seem to mind this, continuing to shelter them and build extensions for their convenience.


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