6. The Mind of a Café Waiter – Emile Cohl


SUMMARY: A waiter deleriously watches images appear before him in a bubble.

WHY IT’S HERE: Emile Cohl’s ‘The Mind of a Cafe Waiter’ (aka ‘The Hasher’s Delerium’) shows his shapeshifting animations in develompment from the white line drawings of ‘Fantasmagorie’. Here we witness nightmare images of demon faces appear interspersed with glimpses of alcoholic beverages and their names (including the then illegal absinthe). Seemingly either a warning against the consumption of too much alcohol or a satirical look into the mind of a drunk, ‘The Mind of a Cafe Waiter’ is another early oddity from Cohl which is well worth a look, although Winsor McCay was about to render this sort of primitive animation redundant


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