50. Ye Olden Days – Ben Gillett


SUMMARY: Wandering minstrel Mickey Mouse saves Minnie from the fate of having to marry Dippy Dawg in this Medieval adventure.

WHY IT’S HERE: With ‘Ye Olden Days’ the Mickey Mouse series continued to get better. As well as evolving proper plots and plenty of action, as opposed to the charming but quickly wearing musical frolics of the early shorts, Mickey was assembling a great supporting cast around him, some of whom would go on to upstage him significantly in later shorts, even if they never quite rivalled his iconic status as emblem of the Disney empire. Two of these long running supporting players, Clarabelle Cow and Dippy Dawg, are present here. While you may not recognise him by name, Dippy Dawg is instantly recognisable here as an early version of Goofy, one of Disney’s best loved characters. Unusually, he is here cast as the villain of sorts, although he plays the role with his usual gangly, happy-go-lucky charm, as he battles Mickey for Minnie’s hand. While the Silly Symphony series had moved over to colour, ‘Ye Olden Days’ was yet further proof that the Mickey shorts were popular and strong enough not to need that change yet. An available, latter day colourised version of the short only strengthens this point.


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