36. Smile, Darn Ya Smile – Rudolf Ising


SUMMARY: Foxy is a trolley engineer who must cope with problems from an obese hippo passenger and a disobedient set of wheels in this musical comedy.

WHY IT’S HERE: Though largely forgotten now, Foxy was one of Warner Bros. early attempts at creating a cartoon star. Although his visual similarities to Mickey Mouse are undeniable, the Foxy shorts were different in tone to the Mickey films. Though Foxy’s character is less well defined, the films he starred in are alive with energy. This, the second of the Foxy cartoons, sees the hero negotiate the many problems of being a trolley driver, accompanied by the memorable title song, which was prominently used in ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’ over half a century later, a reassuring sign that not everyone had forgotten these cartoons.


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