34. Lady, Play Your Madolin – Rudolf Ising


SUMMARY: A lively musical cartoon which takes place in a boozy saloon to the strains of the title song.

WHY IT’S HERE: The first cartoon starring Foxy, ‘Lady, Play Your Mandolin!’ is essentially a music video for a popular Warner Bros. owned song. Foxy only appeared in three shorts but they were lively affairs and, despite his limited character traits and obvious similarities to Mickey Mouse, I find Foxy to be a preferable protagonist to other such bland Warner Bros. attempts at star characters as Buddy and Beans. Like many cartoons of this era, ‘Lady, Play Your Mandolin’ is one big mess of music and rubbery rhythmic gyration but it’s easy to get swept along with the sheer energy of the proceedings. The Foxy shorts are also notable for their endings, in which Foxy emerges from a bass drum and declares ‘So long, folks’. With just a small tweak, this would later become the enduring catchphrase of Warner Bros. first successful star turn.


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